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These online databases provide regional and international information related to management of and science about the coast for anybody, anytime and anywhere. The databases inform experts in administration, research, economy and from NGOs as well as students about conferences, projects, documents and educational events and offer coastal pictures.


Technical detailsThe special advantage of the Coastal Databases is that distribution, input and maintenance of the contents is carried out in a decentralised manner by numerous users rather than making individuals responsible for maintaining a single database. Each of the databases feeds its information into one central data base. The information is then made available to be displayed in individually adapted databases for various user portals (networks, organisations, projects a.s.o.). Each user portal appoints a host who chooses the entries to be displayed for its target audience. Furthermore, the specific database is adapted visually to the layout of the user portal. In this manner, information entered into one portal can be displayed in a number of user portals with a minimum work effort. The information thus gets distributed up-to-date and comprehensively to the broadest audience possible, both nationally and internationally.

As the central database is maintained and further developed independent of a project period by the NGO EUCC - The Coastal Union Germany, a starting stock of information is available immediately and long-term operability is ensured.

BECOME PARTNER and benefit from the Coastal Databases:

  • Make your web presence more attractive and up-to-date (e.g. latest conferences and workshops).
  • Get full control over database content as shown within your website by using an easy selection mechanism to provide targeted information (e.g. regionally, thematically).
  • Benefit from once-only information input into a centralised information storage.
  • Reach the broadest audience possible by distributing your information automatically through other user portals.
  • Benefit from up-to-date information provided automatically by partners' inputs.
  • Save money for production and maintenance of your databases.
  • Decide which databases you want to present to your users.
  • Integrate the database into your website alternatively present feeds; EUCC-Germany fits the database layout to your website - for free for organisations, for projects as part of the dissemination task.
  • Benefit from a centralised development of the database.
  • Benefit from the multilingual databases.
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