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Hofstede, J.. From coastal flood defence towards coastal flood risk management. In: Schwarzer, K., Schrottke, K., Stattegger, K. (eds.). From Brazil to Thailand - New Results in Coastal Research. Coastline Reports (16), pp. 105-114. EUCC - Die Küsten Union Deutschland e.V., Rostock, 2010.

Zusammenfassung: Climate change induced sea level rise will lead to higher coastal flood risks. Adaptation strategies in Germany traditionally focus on technical flood defences that ensure defined safety standards. In this paper, after a short discussion of sea level rise scenarios, possible constraints of flood defence schemes are described. It is argued that a sustainable adaptation strategy implies a holistic coastal flood risk management consisting of the elements prevention, protection, preparedness, emergency response, recovery and review. These integral components are described as parts of a control loop. In an outlook, the EU Flood Directive and its implications for coastal flood risk management in Germany are described.
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