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Link, P.M., Schleupner C.. How do tourists perceive and accept changes in landscape characteristics on the Eiderstedt peninsula?. In: Karius V., Hadler H., Deicke M., von Eynatten H., Brückner H. & Vött A.. Dynamische Küsten - Grundlagen, Zusammenhänge und Auswirkungen im Spiegel angewandter Küstenforschung. Coastline Reports (17), pp. 133-146. EUCC-D - Die Küsten Union Deutschland e.V., Rostock, 2011.

Zusammenfassung: Tourism plays a vital role in the economy of the Eiderstedt peninsula at the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. One important reason for visitors to travel to Eiderstedt from all German states is the special landscape characteristics consisting of extensive areas of pasture that in conjunction with the flatness of the entire peninsula give visitors the impression of natural surroundings with lots of scenic views. Changes in agricultural production may cause considerable shares of grassland to be converted to arable farm land to grow corn, which generally reaches heights capable of obstructing the views of visitors of the countryside. We use a standardized questionnaire to assess whether tourists traveling to the Eiderstedt peninsula already observe such changes in land use and if such alterations are likely to influence their choice of Eiderstedt as destination. The questions were answered in summer and fall of 2009 by visitors of key tourist attractions on Eiderstedt during their stay. Results indicate that tourists visiting the Eiderstedt peninsula are aware of the land use changes that are occurring. On the other hand, this currently does not negatively affect their choice of Eiderstedt as a holiday destination as the aesthetic appearance of the landscape is only one factor among many influencing the tourists’ decisions to visit the peninsula. However, further sampling in upcoming holiday seasons will be necessary to ensure the results are representative and to allow interannual comparisons in order to detect possible trends in tourist behavior.
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