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Kowalewska-Kalkowska, H., Kowalewski, M.. Operational hydrodynamic model as an environmental tool in the Oder Estuary. In: Schernewski, G., Löser, N. (eds.). BaltCoast 2004 - Managing the Baltic Sea. Coastline Reports (2), pp. 205-210. 2004.


The Oder Estuary with a large Szczecin – Swinoujscie port is both of significant economical and recreational importance. So in the region it is important to improve safety of navigation and work in ports as well as protect against ecological hazards. To fulfil these tasks it is necessary among others to possess current information on hydrological conditions in the estuary. So a 3-D operational hydrodynamic model, developed at Institute of Oceanography, Gdansk University was applied in order to forecast hydrological conditions in the estuary. The model was based on the coastal ocean circulation model known as POM (the Princeton Ocean Model), which was adapted to the Baltic conditions and for the 48-hour digital meteorological forecast of ICM (Interdisciplinary Centre of Mathematical and Computational Modelling, Warsaw University). Because of backwater occurrence in the Oder mouth there was developed a simplified operational model of river discharge based on water budget in a stream channel. Linking the Oder discharge model with the hydrodynamic model of the Baltic Sea as one system made possible to simulate operationally hydrological conditions in the Oder Estuary. The model enables to forecast water levels, currents, water temperature and salinity in the estuary. Good agreement between observed and computed data allowed to consider the model as a reliable environmental tool. Quick access for hydrological forecast (on a website) allows potential users to take a lot of advantages of it in different areas of living.

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