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Radegast, C., Strotmann, T., Ferk, U.. Studies on the Development of Wind set-up in the River Elbe. In: Schwarzer, K., Schrottke, K., Stattegger, K. (eds.). From Brazil to Thailand - New Results in Coastal Research. Coastline Reports (16), pp. 63-70. EUCC - Die Küsten Union Deutschland e.V., Rostock, 2010.


Storm surges are often the reason for crevasses, flooding, damages and if it comes to the worst fatal casualities. To minimize damages the construction of stable and high dikes is one of the necessities. Another important issue is to understand the physical processes causing storm surges and the application of this knowledge to forecast water levels. These forecasts can save life and protect areas like ports or lower laying areas where portable flood protection measures can be installed. In Hamburg an approach to forecast water levels of storm surges exists already.

Within a research project the main objective is to improve the forecasting water levels along the tidal River Elbe. Additionally Hamburg Port Authority deals with the analysis of physical processes contained by empirical and statistical research especially on storm surges, while partners in the project generate numerical models to forecast water levels induced by tides. The validation for storm surges is also based on statistical interpretation.
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