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Papenmeier, S., Schrottke, K., Bartholomä, A.. Total volume concentration and size distribution of suspended matter at sites affected by water injection dredging of subaqueous dunes in the German Weser Estuary. In: Schwarzer, K., Schrottke, K., Stattegger, K. (eds.). From Brazil to Thailand - New Results in Coastal Research. Coastline Reports (16), pp. 71-76. EUCC - Die Küsten Union Deutschland e.V., Rostock, 2010.

Zusammenfassung: A laser based in-situ particle sizer (LISST) was used to analyse spatial and temporal variability of total volume concentration (TVC) and particle-size distribution (PSD) of suspended particulate matter (SPM) during water-injection dredging (WID) of subaqueous dunes in the German Weser estuary. Ground-truthing was done by water sampling. Investigated WID sites are located in the brackish and freshwater zone, respectively. Measurements were conducted in June 2008, during neap tides and low river-discharge. TVC of SPM is tidal controlled. Site-specific differences of SPM amount and sizes are recognisable, but dredging impact is hardly visible in the data.
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