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ESCA 56 Coastal systems in transition: From a 'natural' to a 'anthropogenically-modified' state

Date: 04. - 07. September 2016
Website: http://www.estuarinecoastalconference.com/
Place: Bremen, GERMANY

Distinguishing between natural and anthropogenic control factors and quantifying their impacts is a major challenge in the investigation of hydrodynamic, sedimentological, biogeochemical, ecological and socioeconomic processes in the coastal zone.

Inter- and transdisciplinary efforts are required to gain a profound understanding of these "novel" systems, which provides the basis for a sustainable management.

ECSA 56 brings together a global multi-disciplinary community of researchers and professionals to discuss and address issues of outstanding scientific importance in the science and management of estuaries and coastal seas in this rapidly changing world.

Conference Topics:

1. Changing physical settings and processes

2. Biogeochemical processes and fluxes at the land-sea interface

3. Shifting ecosystem structures and functions

4. The human dimension: impact, management, governance


There will be a special session for SECOS and NOAH: "From 'anthropogenically-modified' to a natural state in the North and Baltic Sea? - a scientific debate on the implementation of the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive". You can submit abstracts directly for this session.

Abstract Submission: 18. März 2016
Early Registration: 03. Juni 2016
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