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Coastal Transitions

Datum: 30. März 2017 - 02. April 2015
Webseite: http://www.coastaltransitions.org/
Beschreibung: The coastal zone is rapidly changing, and represents the frontline in climate change adaptation and resilience building. Recognizing that coastal areas, despite only occupying a relatively small percentage of the Earth's land-surface, provide more than one third of the globe's value of ecosystem services, and recognizing that coastal areas are increasingly at risk due to changing environmental conditions as well as human development pressures. This coupled with the large-scale failure of contemporary governance approaches to direct development to more sustainable outcomes presents stark challenges for coastal stakeholders. Nowhere is this clearer than in contested coastal zones, where intense demand on coastal resources sits uneasily with stewardship, habitat protection and natural resource maintenance imperatives. Coastal zones represent a frontline in the battle for sustainability, as coastal communities face unprecedented economic challenges while coastal ecosystems are subject to overuse, loss of resilience and increased vulnerability. The emerging field of socio-technical transitions research presents a promising new lens through which to address sustainability challenges. This conference aims to bring together scholars focused on—or interested in—the dynamics of coastal zones as economic spaces in order to catalyze a discourse on new coastal economies, addressing problems of lock-in and system inertia in the current regime and exploring means to foster radical innovation for sustainable and resilience based coastal development. 
Abstract Submission: 01. Oktober 2016
Registrierung: 15. Januar 2017
Kontakt: E-Mail: heidkampc1@southernct.edu
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