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Interreg-Halbzeitkonferenz 2017

Date: 16. - 17. Mai 2017
Website: http://www.interreg.de/INTERREG2014/DE/Aktuelles/Veranstaltungen/News/interre...
Place: Berlin, GERMANY
Description: The Federal Mministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure invites under the slogan "european cooperation creates added value!" on 16th may 2017 to the half-time conference on transnational cooperation.

After around the half of the official program time, project players present their successful work and their visions about the cooperation in Europe. After 20 years of transnational cooperation at Interreg, we want to take stock, discuss effects and point out perspectives for the time after 2020.

Central matters at the event are:
How are the programmes doing?
What are the strenghts and the unique position features of Interreg and how could these potentials be much more in focus?
What are the perspectives for Interreg after 2020?

An important role at the conference will be the dialogue with and between the numerous programme players. The responses and ideas are going to help strengthen again Interreg B for an integrated regional development and for preparing for the future.
Registration: 03. Mai 2017
Contact: E-Mail: Interreg@bbr.bund.de
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