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14th International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium

Date: 09. - 11. Mai 2017
Website: http://svana.dk/natur/international-naturbeskyttelse/det-trilaterale-vadehavs...
Place: Tonder, DENMARK
Description: The Danish organizing committee is pleased to announce the 14th International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium (ISWSS 14) and an open call for presentations.

  • The principal aim of the Symposium is to discuss a trilateral research agenda and platform, which is to be presented at the German, Dutch and Danish Government Conference in 2018. The symposium will contribute to a prosperous, trilateral research agenda that aligns needs for knowledge, scientific interests and knowledge provision in the three countries. The symposium is an opportunity for researchers to participate in the development of advanced research and contribute to a sustainable future in the Wadden Sea area.

  • At the symposium, the results of five task groups will be presented. Key interdisciplinary questions and challenges will be addressed. Furthermore, there will be room for presentation of specific research results, especially those supporting the endeavor to bring together the different disciplines.

  • Organizers of the symposium are the Danish Agency for Water and Nature Management, the Danish Wadden Sea National Park and the Scientific Committee of the National Park.
Contact: Miljøstyrelsen, Haraldsgade 53, 2100 København Ø
E-Mail: mst@mst.dk
Telephone: 72 54 40 00
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