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Training Programme on Regional Ocean Governance for the Mediterranean, Black, Baltic and Caspian Seas

Datum: 05. November - 08. Dezember 2017
Webseite: http://oceania.research.um.edu.mt/cms/ioicourse/
Ort: Malta, MALTA

This training programme builds upon the more than 35 years’ experience of the International Ocean Institute in conducting training and capacity building programmes on ocean governance. The Ocean Governance content covers contemporary approaches to coastal and ocean management, with an emphasis on moral, ethical and legal values in Ocean Governance (equity and peaceful uses of the ocean) under the governance architecture of UNCLOS and related international instruments and agreements.

The programme:

  • draws upon the conduct of maritime affairs at the international and regional level in a holistic and integrated approach;
  • focuses on linkages between natural, social and economic sciences, the research-management interface and the support of technology to enable the effective achievement of ocean management and sustainable development;
  • considers the implications of international and regional policies, including the EU Integrated Maritime Policy for the European regional seas, with a science-based and holistic approach to policy undertakings that takes into account the impact of international governance structures;
  • brings to the forefront the characteristics of seas as different and sensitive as the Mediterranean, Black, Baltic and Caspian within the ambit of ocean governance.


Registrierung: 02. September 2017
Kontakt: Prof. Alan Deidun
E-Mail: IOITraining@ioi.org.mt, ioihq@ioihq.org.mt
Telefon: +356 21346528
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