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PMOCs Workshop 2017

Date: 23. - 24. November 2017
Website: https://www.ufz.de/promote/index.php?en=43514
Place: Leipzig, GERMANY

This workshop aims at analyzing the challenges with Persistent and Mobile Organic Chemicals (PMOCs) in water cycles, discussing consequences for drinking water quality and elaborating solutions that technology and regulation may provide.

The workshop addresses the following questions:
• How to identify a PMOC and what is known about the occurrence, sources and fate of PMOCs in the water cycle?
• Are drinking water resources (surface water and groundwater) adequately protected?
• Which technologies can act as barriers against PMOCs in the water cycle?
• Do we need water quality standards for PMOCs?
• Can chemical industry prevent future emissions of PMOCs into the environment?
• How way the EU regulations REACH regulation support the protection of drinking water resources against PMOCs?

Researchers, practitioners, regulators and further stakeholders from national and EU level are invited to discuss the issue of PMOCs with a focus on approaches for their future control, including removal and prevention.

Venue: Leipziger KUBUS, Permoserstraße 15, 04318 Leipzig

Abstract Submission: 30. September 2017
Registration: 30. September 2017
Contact: Susanne Lange, F&U confirm, Permoserstra├če 15, 04155 Leipzig
E-Mail: pmocs@fu-confirm.de
Telephone: +49(0)341-2352264
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