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CATCH Mid-Term Conference

Datum: 08. November 2017
Webseite: http://catch-southbaltic.eu/692-2/
Ort: Peenemünde, GERMANY

Save the Date - On 8th November 2017 the mid-term conference of the project CATCH (Coastal Angling Tourism - a development opportunity for the South Baltic Region) will take place at the Peenemünde Historical Technical Museum, in the Kraftwerk, Peenemünde.

The Conference Programme includes expert and practitioners inputs about the benefits of sustainable angling tourism, a panel discussion featuring tourism and angling stakeholders from the South Baltic area, as well as many opportunities for networking and exchange with experts.

The topic will be: “The Future of Sustainable Coastal Angling Tourism”.

More about the CATCH project, up-to-date information on upcoming events and registration opportunities can be found at www.catch-southbaltic.eu.


Registrierung: 25. Oktober 2017
Kontakt: Mareike Hannes or Jakob Marcks
E-Mail: hannes@rem-consult.eu or marcks@rem-consult.eu
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