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Meeresmüll – Verringerung des Plastikmüllaufkommens an der Nordsee durch kommunale Vorgaben

Datum: 24. November 2017
Ort: Bremen, GERMANY

The BUND-Office of Marine Protection invite you to the event "marine waste - reduction of the plastic waste at the North Sea by municipal requirements" to the Übersee-Museum Bremen (Bahnhofsplatz 13) in Bremen.

The event will present and discuss ways of reducing the plastic waste on the islands and on the coast of the German North Sea through municipal guidelines and other local activities.

It takes place within the scope of the activities of the subgroup "Reduction of plastic waste by municipal requirements" of the Round Table Marine Waste, under the leadership of the Federal Ministry of the Environment, the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Environment and the Federal Environment Agency.

Target groups are representatives from politics, municipalities, tourism, waste management and nature and environmental protection.

The event is funded by the Senator for Environment, Building and Transport of the City of Bremen as part of the project "nodal point plastic-free coast" and the work of the Round Table Marine Pollution.

The number of participants is limited, so we ask for early registration.
Kontakt: Dorothea Seeger, BUND-Meeresschutzbüro, Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland e.V. (BUND), Friends of the Earth Germany, Am Dobben 44, 28203 Bremen
E-Mail: dorothea.seeger@bund.net
Telefon: 0421/7900233
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