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1st stakeholder Workshop for OPTIMUS and LiveLagoons

Datum: 23. Januar 2018
Ort: Stralsund, GERMANY

EUCC - The Coastal Union Germany in cooperation with the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde will organize a workshop on the topic "Possibilities of internal measures to improve water quality in coastal waters".

The first stakeholder workshop will be organized in the framework of the projects BONUS OPTIMUS and LiveLagoons, which both deal with retention measures in coastal waters of the German Baltic Sea (Greifswald Bay and Szczecin Lagoon).

The event will be in German and will take place in the hall of the State Office for Agriculture and Environment Vorpommern in Stralsund.


09:00 Welcome and overview about general possibilities on nutrient removal in coastal waters, especially through internal measurements

09:30  Mussel farms in Greifswald Bay (site selection and results of the first growing period + discussion)

11:00 Coffee

11:30 Floating barriers (plant islands - site selection and funding possibilities for coastal communities + discussion)


12:15 Future plans of 2018

12:30 Open discussion with mapping activity

13:00 Lunch

Registrierung: 12. Januar 2018
Kontakt: Nardine Stybel
E-Mail: stybel@eucc-d.de
Telefon: 0381-5196420
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