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Tracing human interactions with marine ecosystems through deep time: implications for policy and management

Datum: 22. - 26. Oktober 2018
Webseite: https://www.awi.de/forschung/besondere-gruppen/wissensplattform-erde-und-umwe...
Ort: Bremerhaven, GERMANY

Knowing the past is vital for developing a vision of the future. The oceans and inshore seascapes of the world are rapidly changing, and understanding the human and marine ecosystem forces, trajectories and responses – sometimes over centuries or millennia – is vital for their informed management. Understanding, quantifying, and predicting humanities interactions with the world’s coastal seas and oceans requires examination of our practices of consumption, transportation, extraction and pollution, as well as our values and governance systems. The conference aims to bring together the vast knowledge pool of two decades of marine historical ecology and environmental history to inform the policies of the Anthropocene.

The conference welcomes researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and students of all disciplines under the unifying view of our oceans as networks of social-ecological or coupled human-nature systems. If you have an interest in the history of human interactions with life in the ocean and implications for policy and management, this is the 2018 conference you must attend.

Abstract Submission: 31. März 2018
Kontakt: E-Mail: info@oceanspast.org
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