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South Baltic Annual Event 2018

Datum: 23. - 24. Mai 2018
Webseite: https://southbaltic.eu/-/south-baltic-annual-event-2018
Ort: Klaipeda, LITHUANIA

On 23-24 of May the 3rd South Baltic Programme Annual Event will take place in Klaipeda, the seaport city of Lithuania. This year, the meeting is dedicated to unlocking the potential of the blue and green regional development.

The annual event will be a great opportunity to get to know the South Baltic Programme with all its exciting projects! Everyone who would like to get familiar with the South Baltic Programme and its activities is invited. Moreover, experts from all fields covered by the programme are invited to take part in the annual event.

We invite project partners, scientists, researchers, businesses, NGOs, politicians  working in the field of climate change, maritime industry, sustainable tourism and transport,  renewable energy,  green technology, etc.

Page for registration: https://southbaltic.eu/registration-annual-event-2018

Kontakt: Joint Secretariat
E-Mail: southbaltic@southbaltic.eu
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