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International workshop on ocean ecosystem services

Datum: 02. - 05. Juli 2018
Webseite: https://www.bfn.de/en/int-academy/conferences-and-seminars.html?tx_blitzcalen...
Ort: Isle of Vilm, GERMANY

To maintain and restore ecosystems and their services (Target 2), the European Union enshrined the need to improve knowledge of ecosystems and their services (Action 5) in the EU Biodiversity Strategy. With the assistance of the Commission, Member States shall map and assess the state of ecosystems and their services in terrestrial and maritime areas. Likewise, the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Direcive (MSFD) demands an improved knowledge about maritime ecosystem services.

These requirements issue a challenge to the Member States. In the international workshop on ocean ecosystem services experts with academic and/or practical experience debate on substantial and methodological issues on the subject. Objectives are the critical discussion of experiences and research results from different countries and the elaboration of new perspectives on the process of mapping ecosystems and their services in maritime areas.

Kontakt: Dr. Lars Berger
E-Mail: lars.berger@bfn.de
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