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IAVS International Association for Vegetations Science

Datum: 14. - 19. Juli 2019
Webseite: http://iavs.org/2019-Annual-Symposium/Home.aspx
Ort: Bremen, GERMANY

The overarching theme of the symposium is: Vegetation Science and Biodiversity Research. How can the research conducted by the members of our association and vegetation science in general contribute to answer some of the most pressing questions in biodiversity research and to provide data for counteracting the loss of biodiversity?

Excursions, e.g. "Wadden Sea Island post-symposium excursion", guided by Maike Isermann (20-25 July 2019)

Early Registration: 10. Mai 2019
Kontakt: http://iavs.org/2019-Annual-Symposium/Contact-Us.aspx
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