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52nd Liege Colloquium on Ocean Dynamics

Datum: 25. - 29. Mai 2020
Webseite: http://labos.ulg.ac.be/gher/home/colloquium/
Ort: Liege, BELGIUM
Beschreibung: 52nd Liège Colloquium on Ocean Dynamics – Towards understanding and assessing human impacts on coastal marine environments

The coastal ocean is under increasing multiple (climate and not-climate) pressures that affect its functio-ning and health, and compromise the provision of services to the society. The set-up of a scientifically underpinned ecosystem-based management scheme for the coastal ocean requires a thorough unders-tanding of human impacts on the physics, biogeochemistry and biodiversity at large scale. Such a mana-gement scheme should be firmly embedded in the science-management-policy interface, taking account of selecting useful and communicable indicators for ecosystem health, targeting ecosystem services and making use of novel analytical tools acknowledging the complexity of Drivers-Pressures-Stressors-Impacts-Responses (DPSIR) interactions.
The 52nd international Liege colloquium will gather an interdisciplinary community of scientists to over-view the progress in our capabilities to understand, monitor and forecast the impact of human activities on coastal marine environments to guarantee a productive and healthy system as requested by the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive and the UN Sustainable Development Goal 14.

Abstract Submission: 17. Januar 2020
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