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Baltic Sea Tourism Forum

Datum: 13. November 2019
Webseite: https://bstc.eu/bstf
Ort: Brussel, BELGIUM

For the first time the annual Baltic Sea Tourism Forum will leave the Baltic Sea region and will be hosted in the capital of the European Union – Brussels. On 13 November 2019 tourism representatives of the Baltic Sea region as well as from EU institutions are getting together in order to connect and learn from one another. This opportunity will be used to present the activities of Baltic Sea cooperation and the results of various projects at EU level. Representatives of the European Commission (DG Regio and DG Grow) are invited and will actively be involved in the forum’s programme.

Funding programmes, project initiatives and interested organisations are invited to present their goals and results of cross-border work in a relaxed atmosphere and to participate in the bilateral exchange with representatives from politics and business. Providing first-hand information on the daily work and outputs generated by your tourism projects contributes to the goal of further stressing the importance of a mutual approach when it comes to sustainable tourism cooperation in our region. Furthermore, this will be the chance to address the needs for a fruitful cooperation in the upcoming years to representatives from the EU. We invite interested funding programmes, project initiatives and interested organisations to present our beautiful Baltic Sea region as well as the tourism developments.

Registrierung: 25. Oktober 2019
Kontakt: Mr Johannes Volkmar
E-Mail: j.volkmar@auf-nach-mv.de
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