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International Symposium on Plastics in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic Region

Datum: 21. - 23. April 2020
Webseite: https://www.arcticplastics2020.is/index.php/en/
Ort: Reykjavik, ICELAND
Beschreibung: This symposium aims for exchanges of views and to inform about the threat of plastic to ocean life and possible reactions.? It will be held in Reykjavik (Iceland) on the 21–23 April 2020.

Recently there has been an increasing worldwide discussion about plastic which fragments slowly and pollutes the environment. It has been estimated that about 9 million tons of plastic have been produced since around 1950 and about 90% of this is still present in the environment. The problem is greater than anyone could comprehend only a few years ago. This has also led to demands from both the public and politicians about actions to mitigate the problems that it is causing.

Kontakt: E-Mail: arcticplastics2020@pame.is
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