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8th Int. Sym. Monitoring of Mediterranean Coastal Areas: Problems and Measurement Techniques

Datum: 16. - 18. Juni 2020
Webseite: http://sympcoastmed.fi.ibimet.cnr.it/
Ort: Livorno, ITALY
Beschreibung: The Symposium addresses issues related to Mediterranean coastal areas and searches for technical and instrumental solutions to problems related to: energy production in the coastal area, morphology and evolution of coastlines, flora and fauna of the littoral system, management and integrated coastal protection, coastline geography, human influence on coastal landscape.
Early Registration: 29. Februar 2020
Kontakt: Francesca Chellini
E-Mail: segr.org(at)ibimet.cnr.it
Telefon: +39055 522 6030 – 6057 – 6060
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