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HELCOM Stakeholder Conference 2021

Datum: 11. März 2021
Webseite: https://helcom.fi/helcom-at-work/events/helcom-stakeholders-confrences/helcom...
Ort: Online
Beschreibung: Three thematic stations

During registration, participants will be allocated to a group based on their own expertise as indicated during registration. Participants will be split in three groups, or stations: policy, science and society. During a first round, participants will lay the groundwork in a first station, adding their views on the topic of the station.

In order to avoid working in silos, participants will then be asked to move between the stations and to provide additional comments on the work and findings already elaborated in the other stations.

The objective is to both familiarise participants with considerations on the ecosystem approach (EA) and ecosystem-based management (EBM) outside their own field of expertise and provide different and fresh views on the topics of the other stations that may lead to potential opportunities and help overcome current implementation barriers.

The three stations:

  1. Policy (HELCOM): What is the policy relevance of the ecosystem approach (EA), and how can ecosystem-based management (EBM) be incorporated into policies and implemented more easily? What are the barriers and opportunities? In particular, what should be considered for the BSAP update process, and what should possibly be included in the final updated BSAP?
  2. Science (SWAM): what are the core principles of EA that are most relevant in the regional Baltic Sea context? How can science contribute to implementing EBM, how can EA concepts be applied to our sea-based activities, notably in maritime spatial planning? What new scientific questions need to be asked and priorities must be set, notably to accommodate EA visions and effective EBM implementation?
  3. Society (CCB): where are the opportunities for successful implementation of EBM, what possible organisational changes are needed to further ecosystem-based management within the BSR? How can EBM be best applied across multiple sectors, and what are possible ways to increase actual implementation of EBM in the Baltic Sea region. Who are potential drivers for EBM implementation?
Registrierung: 26. Februar 2021
Kontakt: HELCOM Secretariat
E-Mail: dominik.littfass@helcom.fi
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