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Baltic Stakeholder Conference 2023

Datum: 09. März 2023
Webseite: https://helcom.fi/helcom-at-work/events/helcom-stakeholders-confrences/bsc2023/
Ort: online

Implementing the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan (BSAP), aiming for a healthy Baltic Sea, is a demanding – but feasible – task. To reach each one of the ambitious targets, which cover a very wide range of topics, all sectors must be on board.

The Baltic Stakeholder Conference 2023, which is hosted by Latvia, aims to speed up the work and send an emphatic call for action. The conference wants to harvest all the best ideas from the stakeholders around the sea – and beyond – for accelerating implementation and finding solutions for both long-standing and emerging challenges, in sharing the most amazing examples and in inspiring others.

The registration is now open: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScn3eaLAQwSPJkgW84Vo88pvEoX12dj16drEnvEyjrBXmz17g/viewform

Registrierung: 23. Februar 2023
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