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10th EuroGOOS International Conference

Datum: 03. - 05. Oktober 2023
Webseite: https://marineinstitute.clr.events/event/133655#613:welcome
Ort: Galway, IRELAND

The EuroGOOS conference offers an opportunity to discuss how well the ocean monitoring and forecasting are supporting societal and policy needs. The event facilitates dialogue among a broad range of ocean observing and forecasting stakeholders, towards a fit-for-purpose ocean information delivery.

The 10th EuroGOOS International Conference is addressing the latest research and technology in a wide range of oceanographic services for society. The conference will also discuss transversal issues, such as diversity and inclusion and public engagement. 

The three-day conference will include plenary, splinter, and poster sessions, as well as round tables with focused discussions. The main outcomes of the conference will be summarized during the last day and key messages will be formulated. 

The registration is open: https://marineinstitute.clr.events/event/133655#626:register-now

Abstract Submission: 16. April 2023
Early Registration: 31. Mai 2023
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