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EurOCEAN Conference 2023

Datum: 10. - 11. Oktober 2023
Webseite: http://www.euroceanconferences.eu/
Ort: Vigo, SPAIN

EurOCEAN 2023 will attract marine policy makers, marine scientists, science stakeholders and communicators, maritime industry representatives and European and national decision makers and programme managers, i.e. those that set, manage and implement the marine science agenda. 

Conference topics

- Ensuring protection and restoration of ecosystems: balancing fisheries and conservation (tbc)

- Addressing pharmaceutical pollution with a systems approach: from inland to sea (tbc)

- Ports at the interface between land, society and the Blue Economy (tbc)

- Ensuring ocean knowledge in the age of the Digital Ocean (tbc)

- Changing humanity’s relationship with the ocean: youth and art as agents of change (tbc)

- Resilience of coastal cities (tbc)

- What’s next: rallying actions for our Ocean and Waters (tbc) 


The registration will be open soon. 

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