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VASAB Webinar on Spatial Resilience and Spatial Planning

Datum: 29. Februar 2024
Webseite: https://vasab.org/event/save-the-date-vasab-webinar-on-spatial-resilience-and...
Ort: Online

In the last couple of years unpredictable events – COVID pandemic, war against Ukraine, energy crisis – have brought many challenges and consequences to the Baltic Sea Region, its regions and cities, while impacts of climate change have also become more visible. These events made even the most extreme regional development scenarios seen overly optimistic.

Coping with these challenges along with adaptation to new EU policies require immediate and flexible approach, and information exchange. Spatial planning has been identified as a valuable mechanism through which an adaptation to various foreseeable as well as unpredictable needs and future scenarios can be facilitated.

 These topics in particular will be disgussed:

  • How to take national security policy into account in spatial planning?
  • Which questions are highlighted in spatial planning, how resilience can be taken into account on national, regional and local level spatial planning?
  • Countries have their own characteristics, such as climate, location, transport systems, as well as the structure of the economy, energy supply and infrastructure. What is the impact of these characteristics?


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