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Marine Microscopy & Microanalysis Course

Typ des Eintrags: Akademische Lehrveranstaltung
Datum: 22. Juni - 03. Juli 2007
Rhythmus: jährlich
Ort: Moreton Bay Research Station and Centre for Microscopy & Microanalysis, St Lucia, AUSTRALIA

Marine Microscopy & Microanalysis Course

22 June - 3 July, 2007

Course Outline

Marine Microscopy and Microanalysis will focus on the use of electron microscopic techniques in measuring the marine environment. You will learn techniques and use equipment available in electron microscopy to answer questions raised in marine biology.

The first three days will be spent at Moreton Bay Research Station on North Stradbroke Island collecting material and doing field exercises.

The remaining seven days will be spent in the Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis processing materials, learning the techniques and theory and completing projects. Knowledge will be gained through lectures, tutorials, hands-on practical experience and completion of a project.

Course Experience

On completion of the course you will have experience in:

  • Processing a sample for scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM)
  • Imaging samples using SEM and TEM
  • Collecting workable data and assessing the data in answering a question of relevance to marine studies
  • Energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) on sem
  • Performing particle sizing
  • Sample preparation (chemical fixation, drying and coating)
  • Sectioning samples using ultramicrotomy

Sample topics include:

  • Sea cucumbers: identification and composition
  • Sponges and their symbionts
  • Water analysis
  • Substrates and microanalysis


This course is a collaboration between the Centre for Marine Studies and the Centre for Microscopy & Microanalysis (CMM). It is taught by CMM staff who are experts in the use and applications of microscopy and analytical techniques. The CMM is recognised as one of the foremost centres for electron microscopy in the Southern hemisphere and in this course provides students with unrivalled access to equipment and techniques for modern marine biology.


Course Pre-requisite

Students entering this course are expected to have completed one first year biology course at university level.

40 Places

For more information about the Great Barrier Reef Study Program, please contact:

Programs Office
Centre for Marine Studies
Level 7, Gehrmann Building
Research Road
The University of Queensland
Brisbane, Queensland, 4072

Email: gbrsp@cms.uq.edu.au

Phone: +61 7 3365 4333
Fax: +61 7 3365 4755

Kontakt: Dr Bronwen Cribb, Course Co-ordinator
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