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POMOR - Master program for applied polar and marine sciences

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Webseite: http://www.pomor.de/Homepage.html
Ort: St. Petersburg, State University , RUSSIAN FEDERATION

During a two-year study the master program POMOR imparts knowledge of the polar and marine environmental systems from coastal to deep sea region and applied aspects including the scientific approaches and methods of the various disciplines as, for instance, oceanography, marine geosciences and marine biology. It is completed with a Master of Science. Courses are given in English.

The course of study consists of three study semesters and one final semester. In the first three semesters lectures, seminars and practical exercises are given. In addition the students take part in an excursion. Over two years courses are divided into a scientific part with six modules in the field of polar and marine sciences (168 hours of lessons each) and a general block.
In the fourth semester students spend at least four weeks in being practically trained at universities, research institutes, public authorities or relevant companies in Germany. In this semester the master thesis must also be written and the final exam be taken.

Kontakt: Dr. Olga Safonova, POMOR secretariate in St. Petersburg
E-Mail: secretariat@pomor.org
Telefon: +7 (0)812 323-9976
Fax: +7 (0)812 323-9976
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