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Doctorate Program (PHD) in Coastal Geosciences and Engineering

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Webseite: http://www.corelab.uni-kiel.de/
Ort: Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel , GERMANY

The Doctorate Program (PHD) in Coastal Geosciences and Engineering at the University of Kiel is a postgraduate program which lasts approximately 3-4 years. The program is aimed to students from abroad and from Germany. The program is entirely offered in English language. During the first year candidates attend lectures recommended by the advisor, define the topic of the thesis and elaborate the proposal for the course of studies. The remaining period of the studies is focused on the research activities leading to the doctorate thesis.

This degree program is characterized by a balanced, hands-on interdisciplinary sequence of lectures, seminars as well as experimental and computing aspects on the subject, case studies, field measurements, project work, excursions as well as visits and intensive courses at leading research centers. The course is intended to provide intensive training in a modern, yet practically oriented, interdisciplinary approach, drawing on laboratory experiments, offshore and onshore surveying, case studies, field trips and visits to leading research institutes, geographical information systems, data bases, numerical modeling, decision support systems and several other modern methods relevant to the planning and management of coastal zone problems. Much attention is paid to the theoretical aspects of physical processes in coastal areas and the practical aspects of observing such phenomena at sea. Research and teaching infrastructures of the Corelab and participating institutes offer M.Sc. students opportunities for gaining a comprehensive education and first-hand state-of-the-art experience in solving problems related to coastal areas.

Kontakt: Prof. Dr. Roberto Mayerle
E-Mail: info@corelab.uni-kiel.de
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