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2nd International Winter School on Analysis of Climate Variability

Datum: 17. - 26. März 2021
Webseite: https://www.io-warnemuende.de/bews.html
Ort: Online

Co-organized by Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde (IOW), University of Rostock and the International Baltic Earth Secretariat at Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht (HZG) under the umbrella of Baltic Earth

Students will be introduced to the analysis of climate variability from years to millennia as recorded from instrumental data, historical documents and proxy data such as tree ring data or sediment cores. The focus will be on the climate of the Baltic Sea region but an overview on global climate variability and processes in the atmosphere, ocean, sea-ice and land surface relevant for the climate system will be introduced as well. For the analysis of climate variability, both statistical methods and numerical modeling are used. Methods for the detection of systematic changes in climate and for the attribution of drivers to these changes will be presented and discussed. The course will introduce fundamentals of statistics, time series analysis, multivariate data analysis, uncertainty analysis in statistical methods and strategies of statistical analysis.

The School is open to undergraduate students in geosciences such as climate science, meteorology, oceanography and hydrology and associated fields.

Please provide your contact, a motivation letter (max. 1 page),
a short CV (max. 2 pages) and a recommendation letter from your supervisor.


Mehr Informationen unter:

https://baltic.earth/winterschool2021/ und


Abstract Submission: 15. Dezember 2020
Kontakt: E-Mail: berit.recklebe@io-warnemuende.de
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