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13th Baltic Sea Science Congress

Datum: 18. Oktober 2021
Webseite: https://conferences.au.dk/bssc2021/
Ort: Aarhus, DENMARK

Aarhus University welcomes you to the 13th Baltic Sea Science Congress, 2021. The congress will take place at the Lakeside Lecture Theatres (Søauditorierne), beautifully decorated by the Danish artist Per Kirkeby, in the Aarhus University Park.

During the congress, the state-of-the-art in our scientific understanding of the Baltic Sea functioning will be presented and implications for ecosystem management discussed.

In 2021, the update of the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan is expected to be adopted and the UN Decade of Ocean Science will commence.

In light of these important milestones, a prime focus of the 13th BSSC will be to establish a platform for connecting scientists and decision makers.


Topics in short Theme

1: The Baltic Sea in transition – past, present and future Theme

2: Baltic ecosystems – diversity, processes and functioning Theme

3: Emerging threats and potential consequences Theme

4: Introducing new technologies Theme 5: Stewardship for the Baltic Sea

Abstract Submission: 15. Juni 2021
Registrierung: 01. Oktober 2021
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