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Ausstellung Moor-, Klimaschutz und Paludikultur

Datum: 30. März - 01. September 2021
Webseite: https://www.greifswaldmoor.de/ausstellung-139.html
Ort: Bledecke / Niedersachsen
Beschreibung: Reeds in the cauldron, cattails in the wall or peat moss on the plate - that intact bogs are climate savers and can also be used sustainably is explained by the touring exhibition "Moor, Climate Protection and Paludiculture" by the MoorDialog project. It is made available to interested institutions (information centers, municipalities, ...) free of charge.
The exposé for the exhibition provides information on the topic and describes its components.
Kontakt: E-Mail: communication(at)greifswaldmoor.de
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