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Webinar Erlebe die Finsternis

Datum: 23. April 2021
Webseite: https://waddensea-forum.org/topics/core-issues/dark-sky
Ort: Online

The Wadden Sea Region still experiences truly dark nights. Here, it is still possible to see a bright starry sky and sometimes you even can admire the Milky Way. Nevertheless, we are perceiving increasing light pollution with enduring consequences for people and nature.

Different groups from three Wadden Sea countries are working together to preserve darkness in the Wadden Sea area. We went to raise the awareness for the importance of nocturnal darkness in the Wadden Sea Region. Moreover, we want to encourage taking physical measures in order to reduce light emissions. And, we aim at creating more possibilities to experience clear nights, as we believe that darkness is one of the unique selling points of our region.

During this webinar, we intend to bring organizations and stakeholders working on Dark Sky issues in the Wadden Sea Region together in order to learn from each other, to create awareness and enthusiasm, and to explore opportunities for further collaboration.

Keynote speakers will share knowledge about the importance of darkness, how to increase darkness and how darkness can improve the touristic value of an area. There will be different workshops related to light reduction, organizing dark sky events and International Dark Sky Places Program.

If you are interested to participate, you can send an e-mail before the 16th of April to Jolanda Zwart at j.zwart1@minlnv.nl. Some days before the webinar you will receive a link and technical instructions.

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