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VASAB - Vision & Strategies around the Baltic Sea

Datum: 01. Juni 2023
Webseite: https://vasab.org/event/experts-conference-on-the-updated-vasab-vision/
Ort: Wismar, GERMANY

Vibrant, Resilient, Well-connected – The Baltic Sea Region in 2040, Expert’s Conference on the updated VASAB Vision

How do the society imagine the desired development of the Baltic Sea Region over the next two decades? What will urban networks and rural settlements look like, how will they be connected physically and digitally? How can humanity secure its energy supply in the face of climate change and political instability? What will make the most precious commons, the livelihoods of millions in this region, its waters, lands and cultures more vibrant, resilient and well-connected?

The VASAB Vision 2040 should help to anwer these questions.  The new VASAB Vision has been developed under the slogan “Bridging the old with the new” in a participatory process involving public, academic and civil society actors and it aims to respond to the major challenges facing the Baltic Sea Region today.

VASAB invites you to this conference to celebrate the completion of the VASAB Vision 2040 and to discuss its themes. Experts in the field of spatial planning and regional development will come together to discuss what the VASAB Vision means for the Baltic Sea Region and how each of us can contribute to making it a reality.

The Expert’s Conference will take place back-to-back with the adoption of the Vision 2040 by the Ministers responsible for spatial planning and development in the VASAB countries of the Baltic Sea Region on 2 June 2023. It will complement the Ministerial Conference by providing different practical and research perspectives and by highlighting what is needed for its implementation. Participants will discuss past and present projects and initiatives in thematic groups and will have the opportunity to network and reflect on future initiatives for a vibrant, resilient and well-connected Baltic Sea Region.

The registration is open on the specified website.

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