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2023 ESSAS Annual Science Meeting

Datum: 20. - 22. Juni 2023
Webseite: https://essas.arc.hokudai.ac.jp/what_s_new/2023-essas-annual-science-meeting-...
Ort: Bergen, NORWAY

Session 1: Cooperative studies of coastal ecosystems engaging local communities in the sub-Arctic and Arctic

Session2: Natural disasters, multiple stressors and cumulative impacts along sub-arctic and arctic coasts

Session 3: Blue Carbon, mariculture and climate change mitigation and adaptation in the Subarctic and Arctic

Session 4: Cod and climate change at the coastal interface

Workshop  (June 19): AnalogueART – Using natural analogues to investigate the effects of climate change on northern ecosystems; moving from gradient to mosaic approaches

The registration is open: https://mform.imr.no/view.php?id=196789
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