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4th Edition of World Aquaculture and Fisheries Conference (WAC 2024)

Datum: 24. - 26. Juni 2024
Webseite: https://magnusconferences.info/aquaculture
Ort: Hotel CIS Paris Ravel, 6 Av. Maurice Ravel,75012, Paris, FRANCE

WAC conference was established as a knowledge-sharing platform to highlight the possibility and distinctiveness of small-scale artisanal fisheries and aquaculture, as well as the advantage that can be gained by fostering collaborations and cooperation with fish farmers and workers, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). WAC conference has a reputation for being a welcoming gathering where old friends are reconnected and new ones are created. We hope you will join us at WAC 2024 to share your expertise, expand your professional networks, and form collaborative relationships with those who are enthusiastic about ‘aquaculture, fisheries, its well-being and seafood.’

 Since this conference provides an opportunity for new ideas to be shared, our conference goers include professionals from all around the world, ranging from researchers, scientists, academicians, marine biologists, aqua culturists to fishermen, fish care experts and industry representatives. The mission of this congress is to increase awareness of, and support small-scale and artisanal fisheries and aquaculture's contributions to global sustainable development, particularly their role in food security, nutrition, alleviating poverty, and natural resource sustainability. 

Abstract Submission: 26. Mai 2023
Registrierung: 24. Juni 2024
Early Registration: 30. November 2023
Kontakt: E-Mail: aquaculture@magnusconfence.com
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