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40th Annual Conference of the Working Group on Marine and Coastal Geography in Heidelberg

Datum: 13. - 15. Juni 2024
Webseite: https://www.geog.uni-heidelberg.de/amk_tagung_2024_en.html
Ort: Internationales Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg, GERMANY
Beschreibung: The annual meeting of the AMK is aimed at all those who are involved in scientific or applied coastal and marine geography topics, especially at the intersections with neighbouring disciplines such as earth sciences, biosciences, political and social sciences, archaeology, urban and spatial planning, remote sensing and geoinformatics, hydraulic engineering and fisheries. The working group is particularly interdisciplinary and integrates physical and human geography like hardly any other forum under the umbrella of the DGfG. The main topics of the conference include:

- Long-term and recent coastal dynamics
- Storm surges, tsunamis and other extreme wave events
- Climate change and sea level rise at the coast
- Vulnerability and adaptation to coastal hazards
- Risk perception and management
- Coastal protection, ecosystems and water quality of coasts and seas
- Marine resource utilisation, energy production and aquaculture
- Coastal spatial planning
- Coasts and seas as economic and transport areas
- Human-environmental systems and ecosystem services of the seas and coasts
- Integrated coastal zone management
- Coastal geoarchaeology
Kontakt: E-Mail: AMK2024@uni-heidelberg.de
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