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Gönnert, G., Triebner, J.. Hochwasserschutz in Hamburg. In: Schernewski, G., Dolch, T. (eds.). Geographie der Meere und Küsten. Coastline Reports (1), pp. 119-126. 2004.


Coastal protection is based on three columns such as storm surge protection facilities, catastrophe control and storm surge research. The storm surge protection facilities are comprised by control and erection of public and private coastal protection constructions as well as storm surge protection devices of the Harbor City of Hamburg and property protection of objects in front of the dike line. The catastrophe control contains storm surge alert, resistance and defense of coastal protection fa-cilities as well as probable evacuation of people. Storm surge research includes the control of tidal protection facilities by means of continuous ex-amination of gauges which themselves are based on analyses and evaluation of the development of storm surge and climate warming, as well as on their influence on storm surge and on the general means sea level development. The parameterised wind surge curves of the storm tide development will present and control any deviance from the 100 years old recorded storm surge developments and their 260 storm tides

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