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1st Baltic Earth Conference: Multiple drivers for Earth system changes in the Baltic Sea region

Datum: 13. - 17. Juni 2016
Webseite: www.baltic-earth.eu/nida2016
Ort: Nida, Curonian Spit, LITHUANIA

The scope of this first Baltic Earth Conference is to attempt to describe the different factors for change, their impacts on the Earth system of the Baltic Sea region, and to demonstrate the capacity to model any of these factors in a single or a coupled approach. Are we able to simulate the observed changes in a realistic way? Are we able to produce credible scenarios for the future? Ultimately, this analysis should help to identify knowledge gaps and research needs for the coming years, to help find solutions for the challenges we face in the future.

The sessions of this conference will reflect these topics:                

  • Salinity dynamics
  • Land-Sea-Atmosphere biogeochemical feedbacks
  • Natural hazards and high impact events
  • Sea level dynamics, coastal morphology and erosion
  • Regional variability of water and energy exchanges
  • Regional climate system modeling
  • Multiple and interrelated drivers of environmental changes

Call for Papers

Contributions in accordance with the preliminary conference topics as outlined above, both oral or as poster, are welcome. Extended abstracts in English, maximum of two pages, including figures, tables or diagrams, are invited to be dubmitted by e-mail to the International Baltic Earth Secretariat.

Abstract Submission: 29. Februar 2016
Registrierung: 22. April 2016
Kontakt: International Baltic Earth Secretariat
E-Mail: balticearth@hzg.de
Telefon: +49-4152-87-1693
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