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7th EUROLAG: European Coastal Lagoons Symposium

Date: 01. - 04. März 2016
Website: http://www.um.es/7eurolag/
Place: Murcia, SPAIN

Coastal lagoons and estuaries are unique systems that offer a large number of goods and services. 
Due to the high degree of heterogeneity and complexity of the hydrodynamic and the ecological processes that are inherent to these ecosystems, new research and experience gained through observation networks need to be strengthened to further develop, preserve and manage their potential.
This symposium seeks to bring together scientists, managers and stakeholders to discuss new scientific findings and experiences on the knowledge and use of coastal lagoons, from cold-fresh-water Baltic lagoons to the warm-hyperhaline lagoons in the Mediterranean.

The symposium aims to cover the following topics:

Coastal lagoons evolution and functioning
– Paleoecology and geomorphologic processes
– Hydrographical variability and dynamics
– Biological and ecological processes and interactions
– Spatio-temporal variability of assemblages, life-stages, colonization process and connectivity at multiple scales
– Physiological adaptations to lagoon Environments

Assessing coastal lagoon performance and tools for their management
– Implementing European Directives and international agreements
– Defining management objectives and criteria
– Coastal lagoon monitoring strategies
– Implementation of indicators and protocols
– Mapping of habitats, water bodies, species and human activities
– Modelling and forecasting complex systems at multiple spatio-temporal scales.
– Participatory mechanisms in coastal lagoons planning and management
– Bio-economic models for coastal lagoon management

Coastal lagoon goods and services: effects on biodiversity, climate and human economy
– The role of coastal lagoons in biogeochemical cycles and climate change process
– Their role on the genetic structure and biodiversity of marine populations
– Fisheries and aquaculture exploitation
– Tourism, recreation and urban development
– Socio-Economic values and implications
– Blue Growth and blue infrastructures

Coastal lagoons observation networks
– Monitoring programs as the basis for long term data recording, management and forecasting
– Future priorities in coastal lagoons research


Abstract Submission: 15. Dezember 2015
Early Registration: 31. Dezember 2015
Contact: E-Mail: Murcia7EUROLAG2016@gadeeventos.es
Telephone: +34968969349
Fax: +34968879795
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