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Date: 24. - 27. Oktober 2016
Website: http://littoral2016.univ-pau.fr/
Place: Biarritz, FRANCE

Littoral 2016 "The changing littoral. Anticipation and adaptation to climate change" is the 13th conference of the traditional biennial international event of the Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC).

Littoral 2016 will focus on the necessary adaptation and anticipation of coastal management to global change. It concerns the shoreline mobility but also the biodiversity response, in a context of increasing human pressure in coastal areas. It is important to anticipate the natural shoreline mobility in any management strategy. A "good" strategy considers the long term evolution and not the short term profitability, an idea somewhat difficult to impose not only to policy makers and managers but also to a wide part of the population.

In any case, the first step to choose the good management strategy in coastal areas is to have a good knowledge of natural processes and take into account the socio-economical and political context as well. Nothing can be done properly if the population does not feel concerned and is not correctly informed and aware of the main stakes. The goal of Littoral 2016 is to take stock of the current knowledge, new tools and approaches and also to emphasize the lack of knowledge in some cases and propose new research areas.


Abstract Submission: 15. März 2016
Early Registration: 31. Juli 2016
Contact: EUCC-France / Centre de la Mer de Biarritz
E-Mail: euccfrance@centredelamer.fr
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