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2018 Gordon Research Conference (and Seminar) on Ocean Biogeochemistry

Datum: 08. - 13. Juli 2018
Webseite: http://files.constantcontact.com/d85e4631601/da7c3450-8eae-4c8c-ae69-bf7e16ed...
Ort: Hong Kong, CHINA

The second Gordon Research Conference on Ocean Biogeochemistry will be held at the Hong Kong University of Science and Tecnology. The GRC will be accompanied by a Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) on Ocean Biochemistry for early-career Researchers, on 7 and 8 July 2018.

Marine biochemists are invited to suggest possible Topics for the 2018 GRC and future conferences. In the GRC system, the term "topic" refers to the overarching theme that covers the 9 sessions of a one-week conference. The Topic of the 2016 GRC on Ocean Biochemistry was The biologically-driven ocean carbon pumps.

In future years, the conference could address the cycles of chemical elements such as C, Ca, Fe, N, O, P, S and Si, which are involved in different aspects of marine life, play active roles in climate, and participate in the Long-term storage of carbon in the ocean. The conference could consider the continuum between the past, present, and future ocean; explore observational, experimental, and modeling approaches; address the neritic, oceanic, and deep Environments in the water column, and the seafloor below. It could examine the roles of photosythetic, chemosynthetic and heterotrophic organisms, and the environmental Drivers of their processes; and discuss both fundamental questions and environmental Problems of concern to Society. 

Kontakt: E-Mail: grc‐bgc2018@listes.obs‐vlfr.fr
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