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9th Annual Forum - EUSBSR

Datum: 04. - 05. Juni 2018
Webseite: http://www.balticsea-region-strategy.eu/9th-annual-forum
Ort: Tallinn, ESTONIA

The 9th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR will be held in Tallinn on 4 – 5 June 2018. The Forum will be hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia together with the Baltic Development Forum in close cooperation with the European Commission. About 700 participants from governments, international organisations, NGOs, universities, local and regional administrations and businesses will come together to discuss developments and challenges in the Baltic Sea Region.

The main theme of the 9th Annual Forum will be the Baltic Sea Region After 2020. The Forum will focus on how to improve the implementation of the EUSBSR in the framework of the future EU Cohesion Policy. It will also discuss the current state of the ecosystem in the Baltic Sea as well as how to advance the Region as a global digital hub.

Kontakt: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islandi väljak 1, 15049 Tallinn
E-Mail: vminfo@vm.ee
Telefon: +(372) 6 377 000
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