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Aquaculture innovation Europe

Datum: 11. - 12. September 2018
Webseite: https://aquaculture-innovation.com/events/aquaculture-innovation-summit

The Aquaculture innovation Europe Summit, a new conference which is part of the Animal Health Innovation series, is a two-day event which is showcasing and supporting innovation and sustainability initiatives in three key areas of aquaculture:

farm management, nutrition and health.

 Some of the major topics and themeswill be an innovation showcase which will look at the 12 most exciting innovations in aqua across a wide array of fields. digital trends will also be analysed, as well as trends in the health and nutrition sectors. In addition to that there will be an open discussion on the trends in the aquaculture market on a global scale.


Abstract Submission: 27. Juni 2018
Early Registration: 13. Juli 2018
Kontakt: E-Mail: events@kisacoresearch.com
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